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Before starting any website design project we take the time to fully understand your business. We need to be aware of your brand perception, business model, objectives, USPs, products, services and most importantly your target markets. If you already have a website design then our digital marketing consultants can analyse your statistics and add tracking software to your website that will allow us to advise you on what elements are currently working and, more importantly, what needs to be improved. This will then allow us to really think about a design that not only allows your website to stand out in today’s competitive marketplace but also one that engages with the audience groups and displays your products and services in a way that generates sales and inquiries.


Our website designers use the latest technology and create website designs that are fully tailored to your business needs. With the rise of mobile and tablet browsing it is important that your website design adapts to what device it is being viewed on. Our website designers use responsive design techniques to ensure that it looks good and performs on all devices. We use the latest front-end technology of HTML5 and CSS3. You will see in our portfolio that we design websites that are both creative and functional. Usability in website design has become a key requirement as it is important that users can navigate and use with ease. In addition to this, our website designs also feature calls to action on the right places of page layouts. We understand how users view websites and make sure that we guide users through to the places where they can make conversions whether that be an inquiry, booking or online sale.


Our website design knowledge and capability does not stop there, we understand how to design checkout areas for e-commerce clients that are simple and easy to use and also how to optimize inquiry forms to increase response rates. We constantly research and implement the best practices of website design and conversion rate analysis to ensure the creative design concepts and layouts we provide you will generate the best results for your business.


If you are looking for website designers to take your business forward online then contact us today and let us guide you on what can be done.

Email newsletter designs with impact which optimize your return on investment.


Email marketing is an essential part of the digital marketing mix. It is an economical and highly accountable way to reach your target audience.


Optimised Email Newsletter Designs

You are probably familiar with the sentence ‘right-click here to download images’. As default both the software and web based email clients strip out the images. This can have a negative effect on your call to actions and the clicks through to the website. We have vast experience in optimising the design for email marketing. The email marketing platform that we use allows us to view the email across all the different email clients i.e. Outlook, Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo. We use this tool to test and refine the design of the newsletter.


Email Newsletter Best Practice

All of our email newsletter designs adhere to best practice guidelines and include:

  • Links to a web version and a text version

  • Clean html

  • Alt tags for all images

  • The correct balance of images and html

Please contact us to find out more about our advanced email newsletter design services.

Make your email footers jump out of the inbox


Reinforce your brand simply but effectively. Every email sent by your staff is an opportunity to convey your corporate identity. Email footers ensure consistency and look professional. We can create stylish animated or static html footers to replace signatures for added impact and to deliver your key messages.

Animated presentations to deliver your key messages


Combining video, audio, animation, graphics and text on this simple, easy-to-use format creates maximum impact. You can share educational tools, games and animated presentations with your customers, giving them an interactive experience to remember. We have created numerous CD/DVD-ROMS and desktop executables for both public and private sector organisations, please contact us for examples of our work.

eCommerce website design solutions combining proven excellence with affordability.


We are an eCommerce website design and development company that can generate you more sales online.

We have a vast amount of experience in delivering affordable eCommerce solutions that generate return on investment for our clients.


Professional eCommerce website design

Our eCommerce website designers use a combination of best practice methodologies and the latest design techniques to create professional looking designs. Looking at our clients’ eCommerce website design analytics we can see the importance of mobile visitors. This has increased substantially over the last year and will continue to rise. Making your eCommerce website design responsive to mobile and tablet devices will make a significant improvement to your online sales.


Selecting an eCommerce platform

We have a range of e-commerce platforms for you to choose from. This provides a great platform for you to manage your website. Our simple-to-use, yet highly advanced eCommerce content management systems make it easy to run your eCommerce site. You can:


  • Add / edit or delete an unlimited number of products and product categories

  • Manage all products, product details, prices and postage

  • Upload images or videos for each product with a built in and easy to use image editor

  • Create offers using promotion codes

  • View detailed sales reports

  • Add / edit or delete an unlimited number of web pages

  • Add / edit or delete meta tags and meta descriptions for each individual product

  • Be able to offer cross-selling and up-selling opportunities

  • Provide the opportunity to compare products

  • View a detailed user statistics package


Should you have a preference for an off the shelf eCommerce website development solution you have a choice from some of the most popular open source platforms including Magento, Shopify, OpenCart, osCommerce, Zen Cart, WooCommerce, Drupal Commerce and more. After meeting with you and discussing your requirements we will advise on the most appropriate eCommerce platform to use.


Optimising your eCommerce sales

Did you know that the average checkout abandonment rate is more than 54%? That’s over half of your potential customers leaving the website before placing an order. Our digital marketing consultants will work with you to ensure that the product, price, delivery and security propositions are in place and understood by the customer. Combined with an intuitive checkout process this will maximize the amount of sales you achieve through your website.


Speak to one of our experienced consultants today and unlock your online potential.

Animated website designs using HTML5 animation


Website animation, if used correctly, can give your website an innovative and exciting look and feel and draw attention to your USPs or the content that counts. Being creative with the animation of your website content can help conversion rates and helps engage users with your messages. Whether it is to emphasize certain points and themes or demonstrate how products or services work, website animation in your design can be used to simply bring static elements to life. Where it may prove difficult for users to understand through text or demonstrate how a process works, Purple Gazelle will deliver an animated alternative that may be more suited and help users understand the content.



Website animation and interactivity can also include displaying video on a website. An added advantage to creating video content for your website is its’ flexibility to be implemented in other areas also – it doesn’t just have to remain an online feature, but can be used elsewhere as a promotional tool whether via a laptop, smart phone or large screen. There is also potential to go viral, for which the digital marketing team can employ social media sharing widgets or create formats that can be emailed out to subscribers. Offering content that really engages the audiences may encourage viewers to share further, extending its overall reach. Whilst there are benefits for the inclusion of video, our team will also identify where smaller features of animation can be used to capture attention in the form of calls to action, altogether encouraging a conversion. 



Our extensive HTML5 website animation experience covers a range of uses including:


  • Animated website banners

  • Product demonstrations

  • Process flow

  • Animation of pictures

  • Interactive maps

  • Streaming of video

  • App development


More examples of HTML5 website animation can be found in our website design and development portfolio.

Ads that are sure to grab and keep attention


Our designers can work with you to design eye-catching and effective banner advertisements to the required dimensions and file size. The first frame of a banner ad should grab a user’s attention and entice them to keep looking. A catchy phrase or ‘hook’ is then needed to guide the user through the interest and desire stages. FFinally, the user must then be convinced to click on an ad and this is where other tactics can be implemented to ensure this is done.


You may have an idea of what you would like in each frame and we can simply just design and build the banner ad for you. Alternatively you may not have a specific design in mind and you can ask our creative team to develop unique and eye-catching banner concepts for your campaign.

Creative animation that captures attention


HTML5 animation is an effective way to bring your website and brand to life. High quality graphics can be used in many ways, such as:


  • website interactive tools

  • presentations

  • animated banner ads

  • email footers


The talented Purple Gazelle animation team can produce high quality 3D graphics as stills or animations.

Interested? If you would like to find out more why not get in touch.