Digital Marketing

Let us drive traffic to your website…

We will ensure more of the right people find your website


To achieve high search engine rankings, certain features of your website must be optimized to make the site as search engine friendly as possible. Our team of experts research, analyse and evaluate your search engine listing positions to benchmark existing rankings and produce a detailed plan of what is needed to reach the top of the search engines.


A Fresh Look at Your Search Engine Optimization

 Google, which now receives over one billion unique visitors every month, is a key gateway for many of the people looking for your products and services. As your online presence becomes more and more central to how you interact with, and find new, customers to grow your business, it’s understandable that you want to find the best advice and support to rise above the competition in search and stay there. Whether you’re looking to target businesses or consumers, whether you’re an international brand, a nationwide company or a local firm, Purple Gazelle’s team of SEO consultants can make your website work even harder for your business.


SEO and your Website

 Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the art of promoting a website to search engines through creating optimized pages and content and working to build the reputation of these pages and your brand online. Just like in the world outside, search engines like Google want to give exposure to the best, most innovative and most popular people and organisations. Your online reputation is built on the views of others and Google looks across the web to find out exactly who is linking to your pages and what they have to say.

As your partner in SEO, Purple Gazelle’s consultants can mold your site to ensure that its set up to target the real keywords that your customers use in a way that Google can clearly understand. Beyond this we can work with you on an on-going basis to grow your online networks and build links from sites across the web that have an interest in the things you do.


Why Purple Gazelle is Different

 Search engines are not perfect and over the past decade many people have found ‘black-hat’ loopholes to game the system and boost their position in search despite having little or no online presence with their customer base or within their industry. Many of these sites have been penalized by Google leading to significant loss of rankings and revenue.


At Purple Gazelle we believe that earning a place online, creating a genuine buzz and demonstrating confidence online in our client’s products and services is the best way to create great sustainable long term search engine results. In order to do this our SEO consultants will work closely with you and your existing marketing to gain an insight into your products, customers and place in the market. We pride ourselves on finding creative ways to engage with your natural online partners and individuals who understand and want to tell others about your brand.


If you like our approach and want to get an idea of how we could work together then please contact us today.

Drive targeted leads to your business by strategically creating and placing ads prominently on search engine results pages


Pay per click (PPC) advertising, if managed correctly, is one of the very best online marketing methods that is currently available to any business with a website. Pay per click advertising is an innovative marketing method that only displays your advert when people search for your products or service. What is more, you only pay for the times when someone actually clicks on the advert and goes through to your website – there are no costs for the advert to appear.


Purple Gazelle has industry-qualified specialists who understand every aspect of the pay per click management process and will work with you to:


  • Research your market and find the right keywords and key-phrases

  • Write innovative and targeted adverts to ensure maximum click through ratios

  • Create targeted, compelling landing pages for each campaign (if necessary)

  • Analyse how each change affects your campaign performance and make necessary modifications eliminate and add keywords according to how they perform

  • Increase or decrease cost per clicks as needed to maximize your ROI

  • Focus on the ads/terms that convert the most and cost the least


In essence, we will work with you to ensure your pay per click marketing campaigns are a success from the start and continue to maximize ROI.

Let our professional consultants create the perfect digital marketing plan for your organization


Successful digital marketing campaign needs careful planning.

Our consultants take time to fully understand your business and your objectives.

When we know where you want to be, we will help you get there.


A clear digital marketing strategy will give your online activity focus and cost-effective results.

We use both market and competitor research to plan a digital marketing strategy and use the very latest digital marketing methods to implement it.

Create a buzz online about your products or services


Social Media in your business should be an integral part of your online marketing. With social media becoming increasingly important for businesses, an opportunity exists to directly listen to and engage with your clients. Whether complementing or complaining, your customers are already talking to each other and to your competition. Social media offers valuable insights into your customer’s views, opinions and how they make purchases online. We can you help you tailor a social media strategy that fits your needs and we use specialist tools to ensure you never miss a conversation.


Introduction to Social Media

Setting up a Facebook Page, Twitter profile or a YouTube channel is not always the best place to start. We recommend an initial research exercise to help discover what social media channel is right for you. We will help you understand the different social networks and platforms, explore how your customers use them and decide what social networks are right for you and your customers.


Listening and Engagement

The next step is to find out what you customers are talking about. We simply call this “listening”. This process is about delving into the various social networks and understanding what customers are saying about your product, your industry and your service. We take the most important phrases and topics in your business and create a report to help you divulge and understand this information.

The next step is to start to “engage” with your audience. We will help you explore the right way to respond as responding to complaints is just as important as thanking people for compliments. We will show you how to respond and turn any situation into a positive.


On-going Support

When you’re up and running in the world of social media, we will help you learn how to manage your followers, engage your likes and link in like a pro. It can be daunting following every conversation and engaging appropriately, using sophisticated online tools we can show you how.


Talk to us about how we can make social media marketing work for you by contacting one of our digital marketing consultants.

Advanced email marketing campaigns ensuring maximum return on investment.


Email marketing is one of the most cost effective digital marketing tactics. Email marketing should be an essential part of your digital marketing mix. It can be used for customer acquisition and customer retention.


Email Designs with impact

Our email newsletter design experts ensure your HTML email has impact in an ever-crowded inbox, reinforcing your brand and selling your products and services.


Bulk email marketing service

We utilise standalone email marketing software to provide advanced email marketing solutions to our clients. We achieve economies of scale through the volume of emails that we send out through all of our clients. Therefore we can pass on this cost saving to our customers. The main features of the software include:


  • Email contact database management

  • Optimised high volume sending

  • Advanced post transmission reporting


Email marketing agency

Our consultants have a wealth of experience in email marketing in both business to consumer and business to business environments. Before commencing with the email marketing campaign we will meet with you to establish your objectives.

This is essential to ensure the strategy is correct and the campaign achieves maximum return on investment.


Integration with Google Analytics

We integrate all of our email marketing campaigns with Google Analytics. By doing this we can track the actions of the recipients when they click through to the website. For example we can attribute any orders completed on the website to the email campaign therefore giving you your return on investment.


Please contact us to find out more about our advanced email marketing system.

Specialists in improving website conversion rates and performance


We have a team of digital marketing consultants and website designers who are experts in reviewing and analyzing website performance and providing clients with detailed reports of small but critical changes that will improve the conversion rates. If your website is getting high traffic levels but not bringing in sales or inquiries then we can advise you on what needs to be done. Website design changes to improve conversion rates are usually small but in many cases critical and our knowledge and tracking software can show you where these need to be made. Often referred to as ‘conversion rate optimization’, conversion rates relate to the number of visitors to the website that ‘convert’ (carry out the desired action) which can be easily calculated from all traffic sources.


A proportion of visitors to your website will click through from a search engine, advert, referring website or campaign etc; either way, expectations will be set before entering the website and therefore it is imperative that the right impression is given. This is about ensuring images and text is relevant to the company and its market; highlighting keywords and phrases. Should the customer come through to the relevant page and their expectation isn’t matched; either through the design or its features, the bounce rate will be higher. Our team can let you know specifically how to reduce your website bounce rates and increase the user’s desire on the landing page. Our advanced tracking and reporting software allows for the bettering understanding of the process the customer follows, discovering areas for improvement and increasing the website conversion rate. We can see heat maps of mouse movements, clicks and also record users to see if they are having difficulty in any areas and by adjusting these we can increase your website conversion rate. Upon entering the website, a visitor must immediately be able to pick out the key features and benefits for using this site above others and quickly see the product or service they have come on for.


Removing distractions when visiting the website (whether images or unnecessary information) will also help increase website conversions and we can guide you on any elements of your website that may be seen as a distraction by users. Proposing discounts and special offers can attract those visiting the site for the first time and may be key in them returning, having had a positive experience. However, these are no good if promoted during the checkout process. Equally, enabling the customer to make a free call is important so should they want to make contact, they don’t have to worry about the cost. Featuring these aspects clearly on the website is more about assurance but we can advise you on what you need to do to make your website more credible.


Security features of a website are also paramount in forming trust and increasing website conversion rates. As well as displaying standard security emblems, we can advise you on the subtle use of language that evokes safety when entering personal details. However, trust can also be established through the right presentation of testimonials, awards or associations. Generating this trust will go a long way in customers making an initial purchase or inquiry, but also retaining the customer for further visits. For some clients, we also request feedback from visitors, in order to determine whether there are any issues with the site’s usability which can be easily modified or even to identify areas when the information is confusing. Counter to this, we also collect information from those happy with the service and can build brand further by directing these customers to social media pages.


In essence, there are numerous ways in which we can help you get more from your website and increase your website conversion rate. Please take a look at what our clients say and then contact us today and talk to one of our digital marketing consultants about how we can increase your websites sales or fill in our inquiry form.